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Latest Version: 0.0.7 - changes

Debian packages are available here, thanks to Johannes Tax.

Note: Clementine is only somewhat functional at the moment. Unless you plan to hack on the source, it is not recommended that you do much with it. Check out screenshots in the meantime.


Clementine is a window manager for X, based on aewm. Clementine is re-written in C++. This project aims to create a small, fast window manager with a minimum amount of extra features added in order to make it useable. Clementine will be as small as possible within these constraints of usability, but no smaller.


Version Features Screenshots
0.0.1 Alpha code #1 #2 #3
0.0.2 Alpha code #1 #2
0.0.3 Alpha code #1
0.0.4 Alpha code #1 #2 #3
0.0.6 Alpha code #1
0.0.7 First beta, with minimal style support, iconization, window handling #1 #2
0.0.8 Clean up, bug fix release.
0.1.0 Simple key bindings
0.1.x Clean up, bug fix releases.
0.2.0 Virtual workspaces
0.2.x Clean up, bug fix releases.
0.3.0 First stable release
0.3.x Clean up, bug fix releases.


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